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New Studio!

I am so thrilled to announce I have a NEW STUDIO!

My studio is now located in Downtown Mansfield and is the perfect location for all your photography needs! This spot is PERFECT for boudoir photos as the lighting is AMAZING!!

I have access to multiple furniture if what you see here does not fit “your style” in lines of the couches and/or chairs! The bed is something that does stay as it is, again, perfect for the bed poses! We are able to capture so many different looks and poses all in this one location and the best part you ask?

No need to worry about WEATHER! I know Texas can be very unpredictable at times, and one day it may be beautiful but the next it could SNOW! So, with my new studio, we do not need to worry about that! I now have the space to shoot 365 days a year! The best time to shoot is now during the day, so if you were unable to schedule due to the lovely “golden hour” time-frame, worry no more! I do use all natural lighting, so we would want to start while the sun is UP! This is also perfect for cake smash sessions, family sessions, themed sessions (keep an eye out for those!), boudoir, milestones, and sitter sessions!

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please give me a call or head over to my Contact Me page and I will respond as soon as possible!

I have a feeling with this new location my time will start filling up quickly, so if you would like more info or are ready to book, now is the time!

Thanks loves and I cannot wait to share more photos and sessions from this new location with you!

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Give the gift of photos….

You know what I love to hear? That the art I am capturing will be given as a gift! That is the most incredible thing to hear and I just love knowing that whatever it is I am looking at thru my lens has the potential to be given to someone!

Now, this entire session was a gift! This sweet gal, Tasha, booked 2 sessions for both her mother and her mother-in-law. These are the photos from her 2nd session with me :).

Just the girls!

And can I just say how awesome it is knowing at least a couple of the people you are taking photos of? Now, I do offer in-person consults with every session. But, that being said, meeting with someone in person is WAY different than taking their photo. You already know angles, how to make them smile, poses that suite them, and how they interact with those they love. So, for this session, I had previously photographed 2 of my “subjects” before. Tasha, and her sweet lil angel, Hensley. So, I already knew how to make this lil one laugh, what kind of sounds to make, and of course, how far along she is (walking, standing, things like that). So, I already knew what sort of poses to put them in and what kind not too.

And it also helps when Tasha LOVES the kind of shots that aren’t “posed”. You know, the ones that are REAL LIFE. Now, that’s not to say the smiley poses aren’t great. But, there is something so awesome about looking at something thru my lens, capturing it, and then coming home to edit and getting to re-live that moment all over again.

Now, there are times that no one else will ever see said photos. And, well, that can be due to alot of things. Lighting, postures, aperture effects, clarity isssues, things like that. But, they are super nice to gaze at, and usually by no one else, I mean other than myself and the client. 🙂



Family Sessions

Deployment Session

These always hit me so hard. Just knowing that someone that is loved by so many is heading out somewhere gets me. Whether it’s a couple of weeks, months or years, it always pains me. And of course, that’s mostly due to my background.

This session was like many others. Kiddos that would much rather be playing (I haven’t met a kiddo yet, under the age of 5, that is completely happy with sitting in front of a camera for 30 minutes straight). And who could blame them? I know  would much rather be on a playground somewhere ;). IMG_7619-1


But, this session was also very different. You see, Daddy is about to leave. So, we did a lot of poses on some military gear (courtesy of my husband lol) and some with some signs, and of course Daddy in his uniform. Now, we did this session very “happy”. There were no tears, no sad faces (except when Mommy took away the gummies!), so all-in-all very happy moments. And boy, did these 2 keep me on my toes! I brought some bubbles with me as a distraction tool, and they were all about those bubbles! And Momma brought some yummy treats to entice the kiddos, which always is a plus in my book!

So, why am I writing about a session that’s just really like all my other family sessions? Well, this one and every other military related session  have done, and will do in the future is not “just like the rest of them”. These stick with me. I still can recall the first one I did. I can still remember her little boys name. I know where she went while he hubby was gone (and is gone now). I remember the conversations we had about outfit choices. I know where this Daddy is going. I know their son’s names and ages. I know they love the movie Trolls and Moana.


So, you see, these sessions are so different in many ways. I have alot of sessions that tend to stick with me for some time. Whether they are awful experiences due to whatever the reason may be, or if they are so great that I talk about how awesome they were over and over! But these, no matter what happens before/during/after these sessions, I always remember them and will always cherish that I got to be involved in a so special time in these families lives.

Thank you all for your service and sacrifice!!!!

Please do not alter my images, they are my art! ©MaryAshtonPhotography


Family Sessions

Marney Fantasy 2017!

You know what is funny? How little things bring people together! Our daughter, Hailey, went to Pre-K over on Ft Lewis, WA last year. During that time, she made a “few” friends that she still talks about, as all kids do. Well, one of them is this little boy Tyler. Tyler has older brothers, and they were awesome friends for our boys during the summer when they were all here together! And, I got a great friend, their momma as part of  the package! 🙂

But, Tyler has a little sister, Jennifer and let me tell you…..  She is the most adorable little gem! And when her momma contacted me to do a fantasy session, I was THRILLED! I love doing these types of sessions, because they are all different! I have yet to do the exact same image twice, and with total freedom, I go based off the “feel” of the subject.

Now, let me tell you something first. Even though these may look extremely easy….. do not be fooled. Have you tried getting your kiddo to look at something that isn’t there? Most of the time it doesn’t work out. So, what I have learned to do, is have them look at SOMEONE! Whether it is my husband when I am shooting our daughter, our my subject’s mother! Now one thing I can always guarantee, is that the child is the only one in the final shot. I mask off so many layers in Photoshop to make sure all my edges are perfect. I use my Tablet to get in there and make paint-brush like strokes. But, with all that being said, they are not impossible. As long as everyone has patience, and can power-through and just use their imagination we can make it work! And sometimes I use the power of toys to get their attention also! 😉

When I took the photo of Jennifer facing away from us, I instantly knew I wanted her to reach for something and maybe even touch it. But, I wanted to make sure whatever it was, it needed to be something very “not real”, so to speak. So, insert MOON! Now, granted, it is nowhere near that easy. Man, I wish I could just “insert moon here” LOL! But, that wouldn’t make me love doing this! I love brushing, drawing, highlighting, adjusting and all of it! Just makes me brain go YAY!!!


So, when we had her reaching for her momma (Check out the photos here to see the before/after shots) I knew she had to be looking at something magical and very mystical. So, CUE Fairies! And of course, you can’t have fairies without butterflies! And I thought what better way to do this, than to have her HOLDING a fairy! Like she caught one! That to me sounds like a great accomplishment for a little girl!!


And of course, we have the adorable Mommy & Me photos. Now, by this time it was getting colder and colder (but thankfully no rain!) so, everyone was feeling the pain from it. So, we got what we wanted and turned this more into a lifestyle session, which I always love because they show who you really are!! I mean, how cute is that photo of them taking a selfie? Just great!

What is a fantasy or dream that you would love to see come to a reality for your little one? I know, once it gets warmer, I will be turning our little girl into a mermaid! Let me know if you want me to capture moments like these for you!