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How To Be The BEST Senior Rep Ever!

How To Be The Best Senior Rep

We are so excited to begin our journey with you! We’ve put together a few tips on how to gain the most referrals through our program. If you have found that something else works too, let us know and we’ll add it in.


Have a good online social media presence. Actively post on your social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When we do your session, post the photos to your pages, make them your cover photos and blog about your experience. Keep the hype up by talking about your photos on your social media. Talk about your session before and after it happens. We can even stop and post a selfie during if you’d like! Tag our page when you talk about us, so your followers will link to our page.


Pass out your rep cards. We will give you personalized rep cards with your photos. Pass them out to your friends, teammates, classmates, etc.


Mention us to juniors/seniors in other high schools. If you are in a lot of extracurricular activities that allow you to be around students from other schools, be sure to pass your rep cards along to them and let them know how much you love our company. We take on clients from within a 50-mile radius of our studio. If you need a list of approved schools, just ask and we’ll send it over. The more people you talk to about the session, the greater the chance of getting referrals.


Talk about your session and how much fun it was. Whenever you show people your photos, talk about how much fun the session was. Include details from your experience to make them want to do it as well. We’re selling more than just beautiful photos, but the experience as well.
Get your parents involved. Have your parents pass out rep cards to their friends at work who have teenagers that will soon need our services.


For more information on my Senior Model Program, please click here! This is a magazine that has all the details and ins/outs for my Model Program. And when you are ready to schedule, please fill this out and I will be in contact with you to schedule our first meeting!

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Now booking – Senior Mini Sessions!

It’s that time of year again! Mary Ashton Photography is now preparing for Senior mini sessions! We have a limited amount of time slots available, so you’ll need to move fast on this offer. These sessions last for 15 to 20 minutes (15 for one outfit, 20 to include cap/gown). Please make sure when you book, to let me know which option you would like for your session in regards to outfit choices. If you are needing more time and/or more outfits to showcase your style and individuality, please contact me here to schedule a full-length session!

Dates available:

  • May 18th | 6:00p // 6:30p // 7:00p // @ Mansfield Park
  • May 19th | 6:00p // 6:30p // 7:00p // 7:30p @ Mansfield Park

Senior Now Booking
For 15 Min session, mini session price is $50, and 20 min is $75. Prices posted are before taxes. If you are needing a Senior session at an alternate location, and for booking information, please contact us at Also, make sure you stay up to date on all of my specials and offers by following me on Facebook and Instagram!

Senior Sessions

Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Senior Portraits

You’ve got your outfit planned, know exactly what you’re doing with your hair, and have already spoken to the makeup artist about that wicked cat eye. Now it’s time to consider your accessories, which can make or break your outfit. Here are four things to keep in mind.  

  1. Don’t let the accessories wear you. Too big or too zany can overwhelm your face and body, taking away from the overall image. This is about you.
  2. Choose accessories that mean something to you. Maybe you want to wear a ring your mother gave you, or those earrings that always earn you compliments.
  3. Try not to choose anything that’s heavily ornamented. In a few years, ultra trendy items can look really, really dated. Funky and fun are A-OK, of course, but be thoughtful in your decisions.
  4. Make sure your accessories all work well with your outfit. For example, a thin belt may flatter your figure more than a thick belt. And those dangly earrings may look best with your hair up while the studs look good with your hair down.
  5. Get a second, and third, opinion. Wear everything you plan to put on for your session day and ask for someone else’s advice. Take some pictures, even, and ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions.

Now that you have all that in your bag, I have some exciting news for you! I have partnered with a local boutique and we will get your geared up for your session! If you attend any school here in the Arlington area, then you are set for spirit wear in your senior sessions! And yes, I do mean Martin High School, Kennedale High School and Summit High School, Arlington High School, Legacy High School as well as others that I may have missed! If you want to check them out here is their Facebook page, and make sure if you stop by, let them know I sent cha over there! 😉

Senior Book Now 2018

Also, stay tuned for some exciting things that I be posting about regarding a special I am having for all the local Seniors! Chat soon!

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Thunderstorms & Rainy Days

It has been far too long since I have sat down at my computer and blogged, which is definitely not due to a shortage of gorgeous sessions, but simply due to an extreme shortage of time!

Today I would like to share with you a little of our family. In all the craziness it is. Many of you may not know this, but my husband just recently got out of the Army and we have re-located back home to Texas. We also completely renovated our home. And when I say completely renovated, I mean COMPLETELY! Like the stuff you see on Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop. Our house was crazy for about a month. We didn’t have a floor, there was tile in every room of the home, and have you ever lived without a fridge for more than week? Cuz now I have LOL! It was non-sense, but now that we are done and I am finally hanging up our portraits on our walls, it finally feels like home.

Texas Thunderstorm Playing Outdoors
When push comes to shove!

But, back to the story. This past weekend we had my husband’s sons half-brother over (try saying that 3 times fast!) and all the kiddos were having a blast outside during a thunderstorm. They were outside dancing, playing, running and just being normal kids. Now, it did take our daughter a couple of minutes to grasp the thunder, as since being in Washington for the past 2 years and they do not have thunder just lots and lots of rain, she wasn’t used to the loud booms that came along with it. Once she was settled, she was having just as much fun as the boys.

Collage showcasing Lifestyle Children Portaits
Kids being kids!

And of course, once I saw the fun they were having, I had to grab my camera! These are what I love capturing most when I pick up my camera. True, real, and un-posed moments. You know the ones that you look back on and remember doing, and wish you had a hard copy of. These are the ones I live for! I just loved getting all these great smiles, laughs and just plain silliness on film. I mean, some of these poses they were doing were just down right silly!

Children Family Portraits Texas DFW
Just look at that face!

Of course they were all super sad when the rain stopped after only 15 minutes, but that didn’t stop the fun! They then got a bike (and for some reason only grabbed our daughter’s hot pink neon one!) and a scooter and continued the fun up and down the street. There was even a 5 minute game of kick the can!

Lifestyle fun Texas Portraits
More horse-playing!!

All-in-all I love and cherish our mixed up lil family and wouldn’t trade it for the world. These are the moments I will look back on when I get these printed and hang on our wall in our living room, and they will probably be more embarrassed that some of these are there (cue embarrassing photo of one of our sons!). But, either way, lifestyle photography truly fuels my soul and makes me utterly happy. And it makes life so much easier since I usually always carry my camera bag with us whenever I think I may have something I want to capture. Because let’s face it, phone pictures are great for social media sharing, but nothing looks better on your wall or in gifts than photos taken with a camera! (And hiring a pro doesn’t hurt either!)

Pose Texas DFW Portraits Lifestyle
Posing for the camera!

What is something that you did over the weekend that helped make your weekend even better than the last?

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Kelsey | Outdoor Boudoir

So! Last week I had the pleasure of working with a bomb a$$ girl who totally rocked her outdoor shoot! (Please see awesome images spread throughout this post!) And of course it really helps that we are having an awesome summer up here in Washington this year! It hasn’t rained in such a long time and let me tell you, I don’t miss it! Cuz of course that means I can be outside more doing what I love!

OK ya’ll. This was seriously one of my favorite sessions to date. And I have done quite different sessions. This one was so much fun and it was OUTSIDE and it was BOUDOIR!!!! OMG! It was so much fun! We got to use the natural setting of a local farm (which offered seclusion for all of our shots!) and of course the sun! And let me tell you what, that sun was the BOMB all of our session then BAM! Right at the end when we were packing up, Kelsey looked at me (my back was facing the sun at this point) and she said, “hey, you wanna catch that?” I turned around and was like, “Yes girl! Get back on that chair!!!” And it was pure magic!!!

But, I think the thing I loved the most about this was pure freedom! We had a whole farm at our finger tips! There wasn’t any limitations on rooms we could/couldn’t shoot in, or whether or not the room was going to be too dark, or the walls the wrong color. It was PURE! It was so raw and real and just perfection! And it was so nice just going from spot to spot and moving along with the outfits as we went! As you can see, she had a total of 3 outfits (4 if you count the lace blanket number!) and we did all of this in less than an hour! I can honestly say I am REALLY jealous of these photos and wish I could find someone to take some of myself here! LOL!!!! So, if you know anyone 😉 😉

So, all-in-all, I would have to say, if you are planning on doing a boudoir shoot or even contemplating doing one. I would definitely play around with the idea of doing it outside! You will not be disappointed if it’s done right and you have the weather on your side as well! And, of course one of the BIG things to think of is location. Are you ok with random people seeing you in your underpants? If not, then I would definitely find a location with some seclusion! That’s what we did and I really think it opened up the idea for alot of the photos that I know otherwise would have been hard to get into those poses with on-lookers! I would also make sure to go over what type of clothing choices you are going to bring with you! With all my sessions, you get a complimentary pre-consultation where we discuss these things. If you choose someone else, please try to talk to them first! Photographers should be able to help you decide what to wear and not to wear based on your body style and features you would like to hide/showcase!

So, if you would like to chat with me, feel free to do so via Facebook, or click here for my Contact me page, and just send me a quick message! If I am not with a client, I should respond back fairly quickly! And if you are ready to do this thing, clicking here will take you to my questionnaire! This is a couple of questions that I like to ask before your session that will help me guide you for your session! Thanks so much for checking these out! Take care loves!

Please do not alter my images, as they are my art! ©MaryAshtonPhotography