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Give the gift of photos….

You know what I love to hear? That the art I am capturing will be given as a gift! That is the most incredible thing to hear and I just love knowing that whatever it is I am looking at thru my lens has the potential to be given to someone!

Now, this entire session was a gift! This sweet gal, Tasha, booked 2 sessions for both her mother and her mother-in-law. These are the photos from her 2nd session with me :).

Just the girls!

And can I just say how awesome it is knowing at least a couple of the people you are taking photos of? Now, I do offer in-person consults with every session. But, that being said, meeting with someone in person is WAY different than taking their photo. You already know angles, how to make them smile, poses that suite them, and how they interact with those they love. So, for this session, I had previously photographed 2 of my “subjects” before. Tasha, and her sweet lil angel, Hensley. So, I already knew how to make this lil one laugh, what kind of sounds to make, and of course, how far along she is (walking, standing, things like that). So, I already knew what sort of poses to put them in and what kind not too.

And it also helps when Tasha LOVES the kind of shots that aren’t “posed”. You know, the ones that are REAL LIFE. Now, that’s not to say the smiley poses aren’t great. But, there is something so awesome about looking at something thru my lens, capturing it, and then coming home to edit and getting to re-live that moment all over again.

Now, there are times that no one else will ever see said photos. And, well, that can be due to alot of things. Lighting, postures, aperture effects, clarity isssues, things like that. But, they are super nice to gaze at, and usually by no one else, I mean other than myself and the client. ūüôā



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First Couple’s Session!!!

I recently did my first couple’s session! And let me tell you, it was a blast! I got to work with Bien and her hubby Aaron at a lovely spot close to Dupont, WA.

They were so “ok” with doing different poses and came up with some of their own as well! It was so odd and yet nice to tell “grown-ups” to do something a certain way, and they listen! LOL!!

I did have to add in a couple of quick-pro-quos to get hubby to loosen up a bit, but once he did, he rocked it! And I love working with clients that you can truly see the love they have for each other with every click of my shutter! It was so obvious that they are in love that it just made the session that much easier! Especially since it was just the 2 of them, we were able to do alot more poses in some different spots!

And, I love that they gave me full reigns on the editing! I even did some landscape composites showcasing where they come from and again, their total love for each other!

I can’t wait to shot my next couple session, which if the weather holds up, should be this weekend!!!! Bring on the love birds!!! ‚̧

Family Sessions

Deployment Session

These always hit me so hard. Just knowing that someone that is loved by so many is heading out somewhere gets me. Whether it’s a couple of weeks, months or years, it always pains me. And of course, that’s mostly due to my background.

This session was like many others. Kiddos that would much rather be playing (I haven’t met a kiddo yet, under the age of 5, that is completely happy with sitting in front of a camera for 30 minutes straight). And who could blame them? I know ¬†would much rather be on a playground somewhere ;).¬†IMG_7619-1


But, this session was also very different. You see, Daddy is about to leave. So, we did a lot of poses on some military gear (courtesy of my husband lol) and some with some signs, and of course Daddy in his uniform. Now, we did this session very “happy”. There were no tears, no sad faces (except when Mommy took away the gummies!), so all-in-all very happy moments. And boy, did these 2 keep me on my toes! I brought some bubbles with me as a distraction tool, and they were all about those bubbles! And Momma brought some yummy treats to entice the kiddos, which always is a plus in my book!

So, why am I writing about a session that’s just really like all my other family sessions? Well, this one and every other military related session ¬†have done, and will do in the future is not “just like the rest of them”. These stick with me. I still can recall the first one I did. I can still remember her little boys name. I know where she went while he hubby was gone (and is gone now). I remember the conversations we had about outfit choices. I know where this Daddy is going. I know their son’s names and ages. I know they love the movie Trolls and Moana.


So, you see, these sessions are so different in many ways. I have alot of sessions that tend to stick with me for some time. Whether they are awful experiences due to whatever the reason may be, or if they are so great that I talk about how awesome they were over and over! But these, no matter what happens before/during/after these sessions, I always remember them and will always cherish that I got to be involved in a so special time in these families lives.

Thank you all for your service and sacrifice!!!!

Please do not alter my images, they are my art! ©MaryAshtonPhotography


Shoot & Share Contest

Shoot & Share 2017!

So, this year I submitted about 12 photos to a contest for photographers. You don’t get a prize or anything like that for winning, it’s mostly just photogs critiquing each other. It was such a great experience voting and seeing what other’s see when they look threw their lenses!¬†Here¬†is the link for the contest site.logo_fpo3

But, that’s not the awesome news! As some of you may or may not know, I just opened up my business in Oct of last year. I’ve been taking photos before then, but officially started charging and paying taxes then :). Well, when I submitted these photos, which of course I think they are awesome but I also know I can still grow and learn, I never thought I would get anywhere. Especially being a small town gal living in a much bigger city and not having “that much” experience. When I was voting, all of that sunk in even-more. These artists are incredible!!! There were so many great photos in this contest that to me, they made my “starting out” pics look like my 5 year old took them. But, that is just me being my worst critic!¬†

Anywho, on to the news…….. I got 3 photos that made it into some pretty cool rounds! 2 of my photos, seen below, made it into the top 30%!!!! TOP FRIGGIN 30%! My maternity photo was submitted into the maternity category and there were over 12k submitted into that category! And my pic got in the top 30%! And, the other photo was submitted into the “family” category where there were over 22k submitted!!! And this photo is kinda special to me. If you don’t already know, the subjects of this photo are part of my family. My dear sweet husband and our daughter!!! And they made top 30%! Oh, and this photo. Well, it was one of the first pics I took with my new camera!!!! So, this just gives me all the good feels that maybe I finally dived head first into the career I am meant to be in!

Ashton Military
Family Shoot & Share 2017
Double Exposure
Maternity Shoot & Share 2017

And now, the other photo lol. Now, there’s nothing wrong with one, I love it just as much as the others. In fact, this photo was taken by my first PAID clients!!! That’s right! This is one of the first photos I got paid to do! And OMG!!! It made it into the top 20% of the same “family” category!!! So, it got top 20% out of over 22k photos!!! I mean OH MY FRIGGIN GOODNESS!!!!!! And of course, this photo is also military related. Most of the photos I submitted were. I am drawn to the military, being an Army brat and then marrying into it, I think it’s in my blood ;).¬†

Hong Military
Family Shoot & Share 2017

And to sum things up. I am OVER THE MOON thrilled to have done this! I was super nervous submitting photos to this contest just due to stress of knowing I would be critiqued by my fellow photographers. But, I got pretty darn far for a lil gal from a small town in Texas! 

Let me know below if you jumped the gun and did something that you were totally nervous about at first and then LOVED the end result! I would love to read what other’s have accomplished!


Figuring out this website thing!

So today I figured out how to place client images on here! This will save so much time for  myself and will make it easier on my clients, I hope! 

I had to contact support in order to figure out how to do this though LOL! I am not 100% tech savvy when it comes to website building and such! But, after figuring out the kinks and how to make things “private” it is pretty simple! Isn’t that way everything is though SUPER hard and confusing when the words come out of your mouth, then once you do it, it’s like BAM! That wasn’t so hard, now was it!?!

So, anywho, here are a couple of the images that I just posted into some galleries. More will be available here soon. Have to wait till the clients see them (LOL!)! And side note, aren’t these little ones just the cutest?!? They were such a blast to shoot and they were such super troopers! It was FREEZING that day and it was so windy! It actually rained that afternoon, so happy we got these when we did!

But, anyways, I am getting back into my editing software now! Had multiple sessions yesterday and need to get to work on those bad boys! I know just from glancing at their galleries in camera as well as on my computer, they look super sweet!

Mom & Me

Till next time! ♥